5-star services

Passenger Transport

We transport our clients around the world. It does not matter if you fly from the Czech Republic or your journey begins abroad. We always fly exclusively with state-of-the-art aircraft in perfect technical condition. Our pilots are professionals with years of experience in air transport.

If you are really in a hurry, we are able to prepare your plane within 2 hours of booking a flight from the main Czech airports and within 4 hours of booking confirmation from any airport in the Czech Republic. We will take you to the nearest airport to your destination or, alternatively, to an airport according to your preferences. You never wait for a plane, the plane waits for you.

We will also provide all other services for a comfortable trip. Before the flight, we will arrange a trip to the selected airport, where your prepared airplane and the captain with the crew will be waiting for you. We will arrange all necessities for you to start your journey early on.

Your comfort, reliable transport to your destination and also confidentiality are a priority for us.

Who is private air transport intended for? Practically anyone. We provide business travel for our business clientele. Entrepreneurs and managers travel with us to business meetings or business trips to their foreign companies. We also provide private flights for families or couples. Flights for friends spending holiday or trips together are also attractive. Most often, we fly to the sea, the Alps, or to sporting events, racing, festivals, concerts and fashion shows.  Celebrities and athletes are transported discretely.

Freight transport

We provide transport of general freight for our corporate clients. We can ship to your destination from any airport in the world. Freight is transported 365 days a year. Our major customers are, for example, line production factories, particularly in cases where standard inland or land transport is unable to provide transport within the required deadline or to a required location. Private air transport is especially useful when it comes to time and individual customer requirements.

Aircraft Management

A private aircraft is not only a means of taking you from point A to point B, it is also a complex machine that requires professional management and logistical support for its most efficient use. Air Taxi offers a comprehensive solution for your aircraft management and operation 24/7/365 and ensures all requirements regarding aviation legislation, aircraft maintenance, hangar parking, crew and everything else associated with operation. Air Taxi also allows its clients to use their aircraft as an investment, i.e. for use on charter and other flights. This makes aircraft ownership a pleasant and very comfortable matter, as well as a means of earning revenue.

Aircraft delivery

We deliver the airplane you have requested.
We provide complete turnkey delivery, including:
  • aircraft technical condition inspection by our transport technician (container or overflight),
  • deregistration in the country of origin and registration in the Czech Republic,
  • avionics upgrade (IFR/VFR),
  • the installation of new interior or exterior,
  • the future operation plan of the aircraft.
Cooperation with us will save you worries because we know what we do – all our aircraft have been imported from the USA.